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Cube Camera Ex Zone 1

Designed for safe operation in Ex-certified environments, the Cube-Ex, captures live video, HD pictures, and thermal imaging for self-guided work and remote expert collaboration


The Onsight Cube-Ex industrial wearable is a Zone 1, Class 1, Div 1 intrinsically safe camera for hands-free inspections in hazardous environments such as oil refineries, chemical processing plants, gas pipelines, and aircraft refueling stations. With HD video, thermal, and fusion modes, the Cube-Ex provides the visuals needed for safe inspections.

The multi-purpose design of the intrinsically safe Cube-Ex fits the needs of varied industrial environments and use cases, facilitating hands-free and up-close inspections. Quickly attach the Cube-Ex to a hardhat for hands-free work or use a monopod to get visuals from hard to reach areas. The magnetic auto-latch mount provides an easy and secure way to attach the Cube-Ex to hardhat or climbing helmets.

With dual cameras inside, you can choose between thermal, HD video, and fusion mode to see and capture valuable infrastructure health and trending data. The integrated light ring and laser aim pointer ensure high quality visuals even in poorly lit environments.

Choose to capture and store visuals directly on the Cube-Ex, or simply pair with an Onsight Connect enabled mobile device to control remotely. Once paired, you can see live video, adjust zoom and lighting, telestrate, and take pictures or recordings from afar using your smartphone or tablet.

The Cube-Ex supports the full Onsight platform to extend the value of this content. With Onsight Workspace enabled, you can securely upload, manage, and access pictures, recordings and data from the Cube-Ex. With Onsight Connect Enterprise, you can quickly bring in remote experts for live collaboration.


Thermal Capability Highlights

The thermal imaging camera provides an additional layer of safety for workers. Inspections can be completed from a safe distance including a non-destructive inspection option for hazardous environments. Thermal imaging is used to:

  • Perform quick environmental scans of mechanical equipment and heaters
  • Pin point potential leaks and steam traps
  • Assess electrical systems including eroded and loose wires
  • Monitor if equipment is running too hot
  • Find material defects and hot spots

IS-TC1A.1 Thermal Camera ATEX Zone 1

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